Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain the prices to me?

Our prices are per person staying in the same room. For example if the twin price for the package is $1200. If you had two adults, the total cost for the package is $2400. This is the total cost including standard tickets in the package, accommodations, taxes and ticket delivery.

What does “Single – Twin – Triple – Quad” mean?

This is the rate based on the number of people per room.  A single means that a room having only one adult pays the single price. A twin means there are two adults in the room and EACH adult pays the twin price. A triple means there are three adults in a room, and EACH adult pays the triple price. And last, a quad means there are four adults in a room, and EACH adult pays the quad price.  Four is the maximum number of guests we allow per room.

Do you offer Travel Insurance?

We do not directly offer travel insurance, but it is available for your package through AIG.  You can contact them by CLICKING HERE

How do I receive my tickets?

Our packages are delivered for pick up at the hotels.  All guests arriving in Nashville on June 6th or before can get their packages at the hotel on June 6th between noon and 8pm.  Guests arriving after 8pm on June 6th or on June 7th can pick up their packages as early as 8am on June 7th.  No packages are available prior to these times as you will not need these credentials prior to this time.

Fan Fair X and HGTV Lodge

Fan Fair X is located in the Music City Center and features several stages, booths, souvenirs, merchandise, AIR CONDITIONING, and is a great place to spend some of your day.  This is where most of the lottery autograph opportunities take place and there are a few great stages where you can hear artists interviews and performances.  NOTE:  The HGTV Lodge is part of the Fan Fair X lottery system.  (see below)

How do I get an autograph in Fan Fair X?

One of the best parts about the CMA Music Festival is Fan Fair X and the opportunity to get that long anticipated autograph from your favorite artist. CMA Music Festival does encourage exhibitors to use a general system for long autograph lines in order to keep lines running smoothly and efficiently for you, the fan!  Hopefully this system will allow for the greatest number of autographs to be signed within a reasonable time frame.

Fan Fair X Lottery

In 2012, CMA instituted a lottery system for the biggest stars signing autographs in Fan Fair X.  The lottery sign up is usually in late May and we send email and post on Twitter and facebook information about how to participate in the lottery.  For those not able to get a ticket through the lottery, there are second chance lines in Fan Fair X that will sometimes get you an opportunity for last minute autographs.  Always have your camera ready to take a picture, as you never know what star could show up next!  The artist has a limited time to sign autographs, so please keep in mind that not everyone attending the CMA Music Festival is guaranteed to get an autograph, but last year, one of our dedicated guests had only one meet and greet through the lottery, but got over 40 pictures and autographs just through diligent effort!

What is the photo line I keep hearing about?

For security reasons, CMA has discontinued the photo lines at the stadium and other stages

What items cannot be brought into each venue?

This information changes slightly from year to year.  We send out this information via email in the month prior to CMA Fest each year, but it is always a good idea to keep up with for those details.

Where can I buy food at the CMA Music Festival?

A variety of concessions are available for purchase at all CMA Music Festival events. Also, there are many restaurants and food trucks in the downtown area.

Will there be transportation for registrants?

FREE! – CMA Music Festival attendees will have convenient access to all CMA Music Festival locations on the complimentary Downtown Shuttles. The shuttles will run daily between CMA Music Festival’s official venues – Nissan Stadium (formerly LP Field), Riverfront Park Stages, the Exhibit Hall, and the other CMA Fest official sites. This service is complimentary to four-day CMA Music Festival registrants only!  This routing is subject to change and adjustment at the discretion of CMA.  Keep in mind that the free shuttles do not run to any hotels.  Transportation to and from hotels is not included in standard packages.

The Firestone Country Roads Shows at Ascend Amphitheater are not included in 4-day pass

This year, admission to the Firestone Country Roads Shows at Ascend Amphitheater is not included with a four day CMA Fest pass, but requires the purchase of an additional ticket.  You can purchase those through  These shows are on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening and are at the same time as the Nissan Stadium Shows.  Your four-day pass includes reserved seats to the Nissan Stadium Shows.

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